Insulated coiled tubing

The insulated coiled tubing was the first product in Majus portfolio. Its development was possible thanks to the use of the patented vacuum Izoflex in a double wall coiled tubings. The thermal performance (less than 1% thermal loss) and its very compact design led to a major breakthrough in coiled tubing applications.


The vacuum insulation Izoflex provides an overall thermal performance of approximately 1.0 W/(m².K) in a very compact design that can be installed in every wells. With the insulated coiled tubing, an important amount of heat is sent through small size tubing. Typically the fluid pumped is crude oil, diesel or water. The order of magnitude of power that can be sent into the liner/reservoir is:

400 kW (1.2 MBTU/hr) sent through a 1in x 2in double wall coiled tubing

The size of the coiled tubing can be adapted according to your needs starting with coiled tubing as small as ½ in x 1 ½ in.

In some application, the insulated coiled tubing is used along with the production tubing in the well: ex. TOR process. A specific wellhead with a sidewinder entry is requested in this case. In any case, Majus insulated coiled tubing is inserted with standard coiled tubing unit and the installation procedure remains the same.

Surface equipment are on the shelves product: heater, pump and surface piping. Majus can provide a turnkey solution including the insulated coiled tubing, P&ID, surface equipment mounted on a skid and commissioning.

Installation of an insulated coiled tubing in Canada
Installation of an insulated coiled tubing in Canada


Several applications are known to bring major breakthrough to well operations. Below are listed the one already known. To be updated once we know your specific production issue!

  • TOR process
  • SAGD well pre-heating using vacuum insulated tubings
    Once a SAGD well has been completed, typically the well can sit for a number of months before steam is available. Once steam is injected, the warm up phase could take a number of months before the well is ready to be put on production. With Majus insulated coiled tubing, the well can be preheated prior to steam with low CAPEX and low OPEX
  • Bitumen plug mitigation along liner
    In heavy oil well, one can typically face appearance of bitumen plugs in the liner. These plugs can reduce oil production or even obstruct one complete section of liner. Once these bitumen plugs appeared, it is hard to remove by standard means. With Majus coiled tubing, hot diesel can be pumped through the coiled tubing to dissolve the plugs while the coiled tubing is inserted further and further in the liner up to the toe.

Insulated coiled tubing fabrication in France
Insulated coiled tubing fabrication in France