• "Downsizing Steam Injection Insulated Tubing through the Use of Superior Thermal Performance"  - SPE Thermal Well Integrity and Design Symposium, 23-25 November, Banff, Alberta, Canada. In steam injection processes such as steam flooding, SAGD, or huff & puff, the selection of the injection tubing is an important factor that determines the steam quality downhole. For example, insulated tubing will decrease the heat loss in the well. The tubing dimensions also have an impact on the process. The objective of this study is to evaluate how the combination of superior thermal performance and down-sized injection tubing can improve the steam quality downhole.

  • "Successful Application of Hot Water Circulation in the Pelican Lake Field - Results and Analyses of the E29 Hot Water Injection Pilot" - SPE Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference, 09-11 June 2015, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. "The Pelican Lake field in northern Alberta (Canada) is home to the first successful commercial application of polymer flooding in higher viscosity oils (i.e. greater than 1,000 cp), which has opened up new opportunities for the development of heavy oil resources..."

  • Hot Oil Circulation to Improve Oil Recovery: Results of the First Pilot IPTC 2009 in Doha - Paper 13695:
    "A major challenge to production and stimulation is to send heat from the surface to the reservoir to reduce the oil viscosity.  While steam injection is recognized as an efficient way to do so, to meet this expectation, Majus has developed the TOR technology..."
  • World Oil – HPHT Drilling and Completion Conference 2008:
    When highly insulated tubings are requested for field developments…

World Oil – HPHT Drilling and Completion Conference 2008 presentation
World Oil – HPHT Drilling and Completion Conference 2008 presentation