International quality and environmental policy

Our employees are committed to ensuring MAJUS provides products and services to our Customers that meet their requirements, with integrity and fairness. All employees are committed to comply with safety and environmental legislation, and to honour our contractual obligations with our Customers.

Our employees value their Customers highly and seek to establish and maintain deep and productive relationships with them. The Team shall constantly pursue improvements in all our activities to better serve them. Our vision is to lead the market in anticipating our customers' needs and delivering beyond their expectations.

We will achieve this through our Brand values as follows:

  • An innovative marketing agenda which puts our customers at the heart of our business and our brands in the hearts of our customers.
  • Delivering operational excellence and industry leading profit growth.
  • Developing a talented and global workforce.
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our operations and raising Health and Safety standards.

MAJUS recruits its staff on the basis of equality of opportunity and ensures they have the training and experience to carry out their responsibilities to the standards expected by MAJUS and our customers.

Our policies sum up our belief that all relationships, if they are to endure, must be driven by mutual advantage; our determination and goals are simply stated that we must do no harm to people or to the environment; and our commitment to search for constructive, creative solutions in all circumstances.

Our strategy is to consult, listen, support and respond openly to our customers, employees, neighbors, public interest groups and those who work with us to improve our understanding of external and internal HSSEQ (Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality) issues.

We will demonstrate respect for the natural environment and work towards our goals of no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment whilst continuing to drive down the environmental and health impact of our operations by preventing pollution.

Wherever we work, we will seek continual improvement both in our own performance and in that of our business partners.

In joint operations, we will apply these policies where we are operators; where we are not, we will seek to influence our partners such that the joint operation adopts similar policies.