MAJUS Ltd was registered in 2005 with the objective of bringing to the upstream industry the benefits of highly insulated tubings. Today, three technologies are field proven and one is under development. The company is focused on delivering technologies that will help improving the production of the fields where heat transfers are of paramount importance.

The increasing demand of energy is such that viscous oil, widely known (Canada, Venezuela for example) has been produced for many years. But those oils, highly viscous, do not move easily everywhere, including in the oil reservoir. From as soon as 1865, oil engineers patented ways to enhance production of crude oil by warming in order to decrease the viscosity, main brake to the oil flow between the reservoir and the well drain. Steam injection is widely used but costs, in terms of energy, between 20 and 50% of the oil recovered.
Majus was originally founded to develop and sell a patented technology which consumes less than one per cent of the oil produced.

VIT fabrication in Oman
VIT fabrication in Oman

This technology called TOR is mainly based on a unique thermal insulation material which allows efficient hot oil circulation through a coiled tubing installed in the well, to slowly warm up the reservoir in the vicinity of the drain and then decrease the pressure drop in the reservoir as well as in the well drain itself.
Majus has also developed a vacuum insulated tubing, called I-Tubing. Majus had the possibility to demonstrate the efficiency of its I-tubing on a well in Gabon.

Major Milestones

2004 – First lab tests and first patents applications filed
2005 – First in situ Tor test in Talara, Peru. Establishment of the company. Capital increase Bridgepoint becomes shareholder
2008 – First TOR pilot in Oman and first I-tubing installed in Gabon
2009 – EHTT development
2011 – TOR and I-Tubings becoming commercial

Insulated coiled tubing fabrication
Insulated coiled tubing fabrication