Vacuum insulated tubing Insulated Coiled Tubing

New Technologies to Improve Production and Recovery of Heavy Oils

MAJUS has developed new technologies based on highly insulated pipe-in-pipe :

  • TOR - The TOR technology heats an oil reservoir by conduction using a circulation of hot fluid in the wells. This technology requires very high performance insulation material which avoids most thermal losses between the surface heat source and the production zone. Heating the oil drastically reduces theits viscosity of heavy oil in the reservoir around the well.

  • I-Tubing - I-Tubing - This highly insulated tubing is much more efficient than other Vacuum Insulated Tubings with (i) heat losses 7 times lesser thanks to a patented design which avoids heat losses at the junctions and (ii) steady insulation performances over time as the vacuum is 10,000 times softer than conventional VIT

  • EHTT – Extremely High Temperature Tubings. Majus develops sophisticated tubings abletools to circulate extremely hot fluids in order to produce oil shales deposit.