Vacuum Insulated Products Specialists

Founded in 2005, MAJUS specializes in the design, provision and fabrication of highly vacuum insulated tubing for wells applications including high pressure and high temperature (HP/HT). MAJUS has developed new technologies based on insulated pipe-in-pipe:

  • Vacuum Insulated Tubing or I-Tubing – This highly insulated tubing is much more efficient than other vacuum insulated tubings with heat losses 7 times lesser thanks to a unique patented design which avoids heat losses at the junctions and steady insulation performances over time as the vacuum is 10,000 times softer than conventional VIT. Majus is now one of the main supplier worldwide with operations in many countries (Oman, Canada, Gabon and so on).
  • Insulated coiled tubing – The small size of this insulated coiled tubing makes it possible to use it for all kind of well operations with coiled tubing where thermal insulation is a must. This new insulated coiled tubing opens new perspectives for well operation with coiled tubing.
  • Thermal Oil Recovery - TOR – The TOR technology heats an oil reservoir by conduction using a circulation of hot fluid in the wells. This technology requires very high performance insulation material which avoids most thermal losses between the surface heat source and the production zone. Heating the oil drastically reduces its viscosity in the reservoir around the well.
  • EHTT - Extremely High Temperature Tubings. Majus has developed sophisticated tubings able to circulate extremely hot fluids (up to 525°C) in order to produce oil shales deposit.
  • E-I-Tubing – This highly vacuum insulated tubing benefits from the technology of the I-tubing associated to a robust heat traced system. This provides a unique tubing with equivalent heat loss equal to 0 or even negative: the fluid is heated through the tubing line. Ideal solution for paraffinic oil wells.

MAJUS is a sister company of ITP InTerPipe which is the pioneer and world leader in highly insulated pipelines for both offshore and onshore applications.

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  • Vacuum insulated tubing (I-Tubing)
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